Clementine Wade, presenter, actress, producer, polymath extraordinaire


Clementine Wade’s first “How To…Have A Few More Minutes In Bed”

YouthNet vid. on being single

Senet Redux

The morning after the night before. Doing these giant games with fabulous Nicola Read and the 815 agency never ceases to amaze. Always different, always wonderful, always mental.

I can’t help feeling like a children’s presenter, released from Lala land and given ketamine.

I’m amazed at the influence space and geography has on theatre and story-telling. Where I stand. Where they play. What the audience can see.

So this is more of a note to self; write about what makes things work Clem. 

British Museum Gig TOMORROW

The Crew at Finsbury Park

The Crew at Finsbury Park

Breakfast with Lightfoot

One new film on it’s way.. one being conceived.